Wel•Come to Sundrawoti

My favorite part is the numbers (for obvious reasons).

In order:

  1. Me (I include myself only because wordpress wouldn’t let me start with 2)
  2. Tal ‘Braveheart’ (rough translation)
  3. Dafna ‘Flower’ (a specific kind)
  4. Avigayil ‘Happy Love’
  5. Alisa ‘Alisha’ (unnecessary spelling change IMO, since Nepalis can’t say ‘sh’)
  6. Timna ‘Flower’ (a specific kind)/’Smile from the heart’
  7. Balram ‘little brother of Krishna’
  8. Upama ‘Illustration’
  9. Rajkumari ‘Princess’

The last three are TBT’s Nepali staff members doing the Wel•Coming (and to be fair, this is a fairly common mistake throughout Nepal)


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