Sundrawoti is officially a location on this planet

I already shared a picture I took of our part of Sundrawoti from a slightly-higher vantage point. Now, I bring you a picture a satellite took of Sundrawoti from a not so slightly-higher vantage point:

You can click to enlarge the picture, or check out this link: Sundrawoti, courtesy of google maps

Once I get my computer back, with its conveniently English web browser, I’ll figure out how to stick in some pins and make a little virtual tour highlighting important locations around the village (e.g. where to buy chocolate cream biscuits, where to buy vanilla cream biscuits, our house). In the meantime, you’ll have to content yourself with what I linked to above.

If you would like to put this map (well, the link, really) to practical use: Your first assignment is to trace (with your eyes) my night hike home from Dolakha. Follow the road south out of Sundrawoti, and imagine me skipping some of the really terrible switchbacks right outside of Dolakha because some nice Nepalis showed me the shortcuts.


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