The most interesting man in Nepal

There are a lot of things different about Nepal. Some of them are obvious, like: Nepalis eat the same meal, twice a day, every day. Nepalis drive on the wrong side of the road. Nepalis speak Nepali.

Some differences, though, took me a bit more time to figure out just what was unfamiliar about them. For instance, take this sign:

Or this one:

It’s not the language. It’s not the handsome face that can miraculously appear in the same picture twice (twice!). It’s that it’s a cigarette ad. We don’t have those where I’m from.

And I was all set to declare this a Nepali change for the worse when I noticed this second ad, featuring the same handsome faces as above, this time cast as a friend of the blog:

I originally thought the ad was promoting hunting, and of a critically endangered species no less, until I got close enough to see that the bhidesi is wearing binoculars. It’s so cute when evil corporations try to be environmentally sensitive.


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