Newari culture

Bandipur is a Newari town, built in typical Newari style. I believe an hour of the Bandipur seminar was devoted to Newari history, culture, and architecture, but I missed it while working on the TCC proposal (more on this forthcoming) and drinking the world’s greatest lassi. So I will substitute facts I know about Newaris in lieu of substantive information:

Newari is one of the largest ethnic groups in Nepal
The Kathmandu Valley is predominantly Newari
Dolakha is considered to be the birthplace of Newari culture

A syllogism will serve in place of additional facts:

Upama’s last name is Shrestha
Upama is Newari
Therefore, we can conclude that a list of Newari names is somewhat more interesting than a list of Thami names

Similarly, I will substitute pictures I took in Bandipur in lieu of actually saying anything enlightening about Newari architecture:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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