The stars of Sundrawoti

The stars of Sundrawoti are magical. All three kinds of them.

The first, you might imagine would appear above a remote village in Nepal. Especially at the beginning of our time in Sundrawoti, before the arrival of the early monsoons and requisite clouds, we enjoyed a particularly lucid view of the stars above.

The second sparkled below the skyline: individual points of light scattered by houses across the opposite valley wall. With the coming of the monsoon, these were often visible when the first were not.

Finally, just as the night skies began to cloud over, the fireflies began to turn out. Sundrawoti fireflies (in Nepali, junkiri, lit. moon insect) are especially beautiful when they pause for a rest; peer over the edge of a stream for a magical view of the pulsating spots of glowing light strung every few feet along the water’s edge.

Dafna once accidentally squished a bug that turned out to be a firefly, accidentally scattering chemical glitter across her shoes.

Fireflies were not the only bugs to visit us in Sundrawoti. Here’s a small sample of some others:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last three courtesy of Upama Miss


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