‘I’m on a goat … well, not anymore’ – goat head

I watched a lot of chickens lose their heads in Nepal.

I saw countless animal sacrifices at the Bimeshwor Temple. I watched a chicken slaughtered in the New Passal kitchen get fed to a kitten. And as I walked upstairs to my room in Singati, I passed one whose head was being slowly sawed off in the hotel’s sink.

While I was well aware that goats were also on the menu, I didn’t manage to watch one lose his head until my last Friday in Sundrawoti.

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The chicken slaughters had involved an uncomfortable amount of sawing at dangling chicken necks. Goat necks are about as thick as a whole chicken, so I steeled myself for something terrible.

It wasn’t so bad. A board was fetched from a nearby construction site, the goat lay down on the board, the kukuri took one downward swing, the goat was suddenly two goats, and the board was calmly returned across the street.

I obviously took pictures, but I’ll share those after the jump for those of you who would rather not watch:

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