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Reopening my Eye, for a brief time

They aren’t much, but my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all the people of Nepal.

I had always imagined I might re-open this blog when I finally managed a return visit to Nepal. I’ve certainly tried to make my way back several times over the past few years, but none of those efforts panned out, and so Eye of the Treiger has remained dormant.

Unfortunately, I find myself with a few brief thoughts to share about Nepal anyway. I’m obviously not on the ground, so I won’t be sharing personal experiences from the scene of the tragedy. But I do hope to share a few of my reactions to the earthquake, as well as some basic factual updates about how areas I worked in and visited, and maybe even people I worked with, have been affected.

The forthcoming series of posts will not be long, and hopefully things in Nepal get back to normal soon and give me no further reason to share anything. But until then, consider this notice that Eye of the Treiger has reopened, hopefully for only a brief time.

Of course, I have been blogging elsewhere in the years since I stopped writing here. But I think it makes a lot more sense to keep my posts about Nepal all in one place.